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Who We Are
Welcome to General Ledger Accounting Solutions. We are a one-stop site for all your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparation, Individual and Business Banking needs. We are a company dedicated to meeting these needs and answering most, (if not all) of the questions, issues and concerns about your businesses, Churches/religious houses/non-profit organizations, clubs/societies and all your "special" projects.
Our Doctrine 
Like yours, many great businesses have humble beginnings. Some started in college dorms, some in parents' garages, and others in the back of "hoopties". Regardless of how they are started, all great businesses do not fall from the skies but have one thing in common: They are magnificently conceived and brilliantly managed. G/L Accounting Solutions believe that with adequate grooming and proper financial prudence, every business is capable of growing and reaching phenomenal heights.
Our Achievements
Educating small business owners, and saying "No" to some of the illegal tax practices they've been engaging in for years, are perhaps our greatest achievements to date. We did this by frequently visiting and observing business practices and processes, and  giving constructive feedbacks. We have set a standard higher than many other accounting or bookkeeping firms in Central Ohio by being "brutally" honest with  business owners and managers, and by consistently emphasizing the need for "accurate" bookkeeping at all times. 
The Challenges facing small businesses 
According to the SBA and the IRS, the greatest threats to small businesses, religious houses and other non-profit organizations are poor bookkeeping, and inadequate expense control procedures in place. In a recent Auditors' Survey**, earnings manipulations among businesses and business owners most often occur as follows:
50%, Revenues- 25%, Business Combinations and "Other"-25%. 

**Source: The Kenan-Flagler College of Business, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Business hurdles
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